E-Liquid - ENERGY

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God strong taste of the popular energy drinks.

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Energy e-liquid with a good strong taste of the popular drinks - ready to use smokejuice
Recommended for e-hookah vaping as well.

Can be use as is to re-fill your e-cigarette, e-pibe, e-cigar og even your e-hookah

Most popular e-liquid / e-juice flavours are available i both 10ml, 30ml and 50ml.

Deminiralised water, Polyethylen Glycerol (E1521) and VG, and natural and/or artificial flavourings

Ready to use smoke-juice (e-juice). Also good flavour for e-hookahs

Cecille Sorensen 12/04/2015

The taste is barely there and it doesn't even taste like energy drink. The flavor is closer to bubblegum rather.

Rene T. 12/21/2015

Do not agree, energy liquid are very close to the original flavour, except not that sour taste of saurine. I'm using Vivi Nova.

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