Blogging about e-cigarettes, e-pipes and other electronic smoking alternatives

On a daily basis we get requests from bloggers who wants to test and make reviews of our products for their blogs, and we are ofcourse interested in spreading the word. But at the same time we're serious about our business, so we don't just send out products for reviews for anyone who claims to be a blogger. We would very much lige to hear from bloggers who are serious about theri blogs/sites, and not just are trying to get free products samples.

So if you see yourself as a serious blogger - and want to do a review on one or more of our products we would like a little background information on you and you blog before deciding.

  • Blogname and Website URL
  • Tell us a littel about yourself and your interests
  • When was you blog started, how often if the blog updated - larger articles
  • How many visitor do you have on you blog
  • Iis the blog connect to any social media, as google+, facebook, twitter etc. ?

We expect that all blogposts and articles regarding the products for reviews, is made in a proper manner, and the photo material, backlinks to our mainpage, and the productpages is checked for errors - and that the content is approved by us.