Cartomizers is a combined atomizer (vaporizer) and cartridge (e-cigarette filter), built together as one unit (typically looks like a e-cigarette filter)

Cartomizers is typically mounted/connected directly on to the e-cigarette battery or if you're using cartomizer for e-pipes it is typically mounted on the pibe head (which also normally is the battery unit).

They way the Cartomizer are built gives the unit a bit more room for e-liquid, which provides longer intervals between refillling.

The heating coils in a cartomizer is normally placed through the liquid containing media (fiber) and can heat are bigger area end the traditional cartridge. This gives the user more and more concentrated flavour/vapor.

Most cartomizers can be disassembled and refilled and used several times, but they normally will be worn in times. Typically lifespan of a cartomizer is between 10-25 refills.

We sell the cartomizer either seperately or in 5-pack boxes, since most people want to use their own e-liquid or favourite flavour, we normally sell cartomizer with no liquid contents (empty) - and they will need to be filled with e-liquid before use.

This is our complete selection of Cartomizers - Since we have a lot of items in stock which is not online - you can always ask for special items.
Cartomizer Refilling - Instrcutionsvideo in Danish  by af Mike Johnsen


Filling/Refilling Cartomizers - Method #1

  • Keep the top rubbe cap on - on the end of the cartomizer which has the threading for the e-cigarette battery.
  • Use a paper clips to remove the plastic cap in the other end of cartomizer (the "mounthpiece" end)

Under the plastic cap you might find and extra rubber ring (used for stopping the e-liquid from getting in to you mouth). Now you should be able to see the filter material which contains the e-liquid as roll inside the cartomizer - the hole/air channel in the middle of the cartomizer should be kept dry.

  • The filter material roll need to be dripped carefully with e-liquid, making sure that the e-liquid sucks down into the material all the way around the airchannel. Keep dripping until the filter material cannot obtain more e-liquid, make sure not to fill e-liquid into the airhole.
  • Leave the cartomizer on the table for a couple of minutes - cartomizer threading downwards (on a piece of paper or napkin) letting the e-liquid suck in to the filter material.
  • The cartomizer Cartomizeren samles ved at sætte gummi-duppen på først og derefter plastik-proppen i enden. After assembling its a good idea to bloe through the cartomizer in order to make sure no excessive e-liquid are left behind in the airchannel of the cartomizer, excessive e-liquid could end up the the e-cigarette or e-pibe automatic puff detection system, leaving the unit inoperable.

First Use:
We recommend puffing carefully - the first couple times and softly to avoid e-liquid in you mouth.