Easy to check your e-liquid usage

If you're an excited consumer of traditional electronic cigarette with cartridges and cartomizers, you should consider getting clearomizers for your e-cig instead. Clearomizer is almost same thing as a cartomizer, however there is one major difference. A cartomizer is made in metal or hard plastic cylinder, and is not transparent. The clearomizer is typically made of a transparent materiale, which means you're able to se inside the container, to check the e-liquid content, so you can keep track of how much e-liquid is your using at all times.

The clearomizer is typically made so its easier to re-fill then cartridgessystems and cartomizers. You just use a e-liquid bottls with a pointy tip or a syringe to flll the e-liquid container. It only takes a few seconds, and you're back vaping your e-cig.

At Nonsmokers.dk we specialized in selling electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes, and naturally all thinkable accessories and related e-cig equipment. This means we also have a wide range of clearomizers.

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Clearomizers are refilled this way:

· Screw of the top

· Tilt the clearomizer 45 degress and fill the e-liquid into the tank chamber. Avoid e-liquid in the middle section, and avoid filling to much.

· Screw the top back on and the clearomizer back on you battery. Ready to vape.