E-cigarettes gave us health benefits

My husband and I are both recently started smoking e- cigarettes. That was actually a joint resolution , which had been underway for a long time. Of course , there is no doubt that we were both pretty embarrassed by how much money we actually so to speak, threw away a month of having this incredibly bad habit of running . We could also both see that our surroundings suffered hardship in the form of harmful tobacco smoke , not to speak of the smell. And then there is a health benefit - perhaps even the main reason for our decision.

So yes, the decision to switch to e-cigarettes was actually not that difficult in itself. The difficulty is , of course, to maintain yourself in the new habit and not fall back into the old one. So far everything goes well, I must say.

Except from this there's all the secondary benefits . Eg . we must travel on your own to Venice this summer , and usually we calculate at least two to three hours extra travel time simply to smoking breaks . The wasted time we save the now , because we now can smoke in the car while we drive, where we have previously had to pull over . My husband has always kept strictly to the fact that the car had to be kept smoke-free, and I admire him also for .

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