E-liquid cigarette liquid – now with liquorice and coffee

E-liquid – well, it sounds so foreign, but it's actually just the short term for the liquid, which is used in the increasingly popular electronic cigarette, which is seen often amongst people who wants to effectively quit smoking.

The e cigarettes are great for those who wish to minimize, or maybe even completely quit a massive tobacco consumtion. The fact that tobacco smoking is unhealthy, is no secret. More than 4000 poisonous substances are found in a regular cigarette. There are probably alot of smokers who could do without that knowledge. With an electronic cigarette the vape retains the illusion of smoking, which is emitted from the electronic cigarette without jeopardizing your health or harming the environment.

And then there's the taste, and this is where the e-liquid comes into the picture. The suppliers of e cigarettes have developed a plethora of different flavours to spice up the alternative smokingprocess. The e-liquids consists of a glycolsolution mixed with distilled water and flavoring. Naturally, there are e-liquids with the traditional tobaccotaste, but also with more unique flavors like strawberry, liquorice or coffee. 

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