Electronic cigarette is the new trend

The electric cigarette is the new trend in our dartclub. Previously, dart throwing was strongly associated with a quiet beer and a smoke or two. It happened during the game, and it was an unwritten rule that those members, who didn't carry the burden of smoking, were expected to join in on it, when everyone else were filling the room with smoke.

Times have changed. The smoking-law was the beginning, which temporarily stopped the joy that smoking gave us. Smoking in our club was simply forbidden. Apart from the aforementioned pharisee pretty much all the members were steadfast smokers. And I have to emphasize were. Because then the electronic cigarette came along, and it didn't take long, before the new product was heavily discussed. Many members wanted to try it out, and the most ambitious ones found a good place on the internet with both a big and cheap assortment of electronic cigarettes: 

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It did require the club's comittee to approve of our vaping in the club building, but since the club's chairman wanted to quit smoking himself, so it was a piece of cake. And the use of the electronic cigarette is now almost a tradition in the dartclub. I've got to admit, that it has become a lot nicer to be there, after the smoke has turned into vape. The indoor environment has improved, the air is fresher and I actually think that my dartresults are getting better, after I started using my electronic cigarette......