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  • It's diffcult to get off the cartridge off the atomizer ?
    Hold the atomizer i your left hand and with you right hand carefully pull while turning the cartridge clockwise. This way you will avoid the atomizer is unscrewed from the battery. (Only for old e-cigarettes with seperat atomizer and filter-cartridges)
  • What does the text 0mg, N, No og None labels on the e-juice and cartridges mean ?
    It's an abbreviation/code for None (0 mg) nicotine), the e-juice is the bottle or cartridges is wihtout nicotine.
  • How should e-liquid be stored ?
    For long terms storage e-liquid and cartridges should be kept cool, with a stable temperature and dark in order to prolonge the flavour. Is the e-liquid store in fluxuating temperature or in direct sunlight it will/can get change its characteristics. Exactly how much depends on the basecomponents and flavours used.
    E-liquid bootles should be close air-tight and from the reach of children and animals.
  • Why does the atomizer (e-cigarette) heats up when vaping ?
    When you're constantly puffing your e-cigarette the atomizer is activated in order to produce enough heat to vaporize the e-liquid the heating coil inside will heat up the atomizer tube and its surroundings. This is perfectly normal. Also the battery can produce heat when activated (is drained og charged). If atomizer or battery is heating spontaneously it could be a flaw in the contact, and you should disconnect the e-cigarette parts, battery and charger.
  • Why is there no smoke when vaping my e-cigarette ?
    It could be several issues, please check the following before contacting our customer service:
    1. Check is the atomizer i mounted correcly on the battery, clean the connection/threading
    2. Try another battery
    3. Check if the battery is fully charged..
    4. Change the cartridge or make sure the cartridge contains e-liquid (tank/wick is not empty)
    5. Try another atomizer, if atomizer is not working on first use (from new), please contact our customer support, they will replace DOAs.
  • Why did the e-cigarette only work for a short time after unpacking ?
    When receiving the e-cigarette, there is normally just a few drops of e-liquid on the atomizer, and the cartridg is empty (no e-liquid).
    Before first run make sure you replace empty cartridge the with a cartridge with e-liquid. Some cartridges just needs to be filled before use.
  • How much do you recommend using my e-cigarette ?
    We recommend using the e-cigarette in the same way you would normally use you cigarette. Please be advised that e-cigarette kits and other vapor products from us is without nicotine.
  • I get very little air-flow and vapor from my e-cigarette - it feel clogged ?
    There are many different e-cigarette models and different atomizer technologies. Each product has its own way of cleaning, but in general if air-holes in the atomizer or batteries are clogged the air-flow will be significally reduced, as will the vapor production. Check the air-flow on each part seperatly or combined, in order to point-out the part which is clogged and should be cleansed.
  • Do you offer pick-up at the warehouse ?
    We we don't normally offers customers to pick-up goods, since we do not have people at the warehouse site in daytime. All shipping is  made from the warehouse directly to our customers, and the adresse on the website is for the company adresse, office and for return-address.
    In special cases we can offer pick-up but it will take approx. 1-2 weekdays from the order is placed until i can be pick up can be made available. If you need a pick-up the order will have to be placed on the webshop, and payment have to be made online as well.
    After this pick-up appointment should be arranged directly with customer service who will handle the pick-up session:
  • My e-cigarette tastes very strong, burned or weird - I cannot inhale the vapor ?
    If your e-cigarette suddenly begins to taste strong or burned and the vapor is way different than normal - even if the cartridges/tank is filled and moist, try using another battery. If changing the battery helps, and the battery is within the warranty period, please contact our customers service to get a replacement. Discard the flawed battery (in a proper manner - as rechargable batteries should).
  • When I change cartridges - or refills with e-liquid, i get e-liquid in my mouth ?
    Some e-cigarettes (Typically classic cartridge models), has the e-liquid stored in som wick/filter material, and overfilling the cartridges could make drops of e-liquid to leak into the air-channel. We normally recommend removing excessive e-liquid from the cartridge and atomizer, then reassemble the e-cigarette and give it another go.
    A bit of e-liquid on the lips or in your mouth isn't dangerous, it just tastes bad.
  • When puffing i get liquid in my mouth ?
    We recommend to puff softly and slowly in the e-cigarette when vapoing. Remember to tilt the e-cigarette batteri a bit down. To remove excessive e-liquid you atomizer and cartridges, dissasemble the parts and blow through them, it will push out e-liquid or condensed water vapor, if you still experience e-liquid in your mouth, make sure you tilt the battery of the e-cigarette downwards when vaping - so the e-liquid is kept in the filter.
  • How does e-cigarettes work ?
    E-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes and other e-liquid vaporizers is based on electronically induced heating of a PG/VG and water solution with flavours. The heating of a coil inside the atomizer produces vapor and flavour.
    There's is no actual combustion and thus no polution of your lounges or surroundings with tar, and approx. 4000 other wasteproducts, some which is directly proven to cause lounge- and other cancer types. Our electronic cigarettes and other vapor product consist of a battery (typicall rechargeable), a heating unit (atomizer) and a e-liquid container (cartridges, tank or other media).
  • I feel better even after just a few days of vaping ?
    When you change from smoking to vaping, you avoid inhaling a long list of toxins and wasterproducts and carbonoxid
    This means that you will normally experience a significant difference in breathing, stamina and endurance. For most smokers also annoying tobacco-coughing will be reduced and for some completely stop.
    Se which improvement you could experience here
  • Why does the battery need that long initial charging ?
    Most manufactureres specific recommends, in order to get most battery lifetime and endurance, to charge the battery completely (overnight) at the initial charging. The recommended charging time is ofcourse dependant on the actualy milliamperes of the battery  and the chargers  capacity in amperes. Some chargers and batteries will probably light up after few minutes or hours of charging, since the batteries normally has been charged when testing, this deviation in charging is normally at first charge, since they have never been fully charged. We recommend to leave the battery in the charger for the initial charge time recommended from the manufacturer (overnight).
  • Do you recommend vaping e-cigrettes or other e-products ?
    No, we don't recommend smoking normaly cigarettes, e-cigarettes or other products. NonSmokers.DK only offers a healthier alternative to normal smoking. Our products can be used as a tools in the proccess of quitting "combustion tobacco" for good. If you don't want or cannot quit completely it could be used as a supplementary product, for events and other situations where you need to avoid poluting your surroundings
    Our products are just a way of replacing the hazardeous combustion based smoking-product as is well documented in regards to cigarette-, pipe, cigar-smkoing.
  • Is vaping e-cigarette dangerous ?
    Our vaping products contains no harzardeous components no non-approved components which is at the time being is looked up-on as dangerous. Our products does not contain nicotine, since Danish Medical Agency - for the time being - has prohibited selling nicotin products if you're a danish company and doesn't have a product-approval (medical approval).
  • What is included in the shipping fee ?
    We want to make sure that every customer gets their order and also in time, we have made it optional for the customer to select shipping with track and trace, and mandatory for order above a certains value. This improves the ability to track and find packages which haven't been delivery on time .Freightcost / Frright-fees cover the actual shippingcost, packaging, and transport from warehouse to shipping company, and also or the delivery to - and pick-up handling from customerservice.
    We experience a very low percentages of deliveries which is returned or dissepears in shipping, due to our clear labeling, and thouroughly handling of the orders.