Serenity in the forest with my e cigarette


My new e cigarette is directly compatible with sparetime and joy, and what is better than a good hike in the forest on a beautiful, but chilly day of autumn? You know - one of these days, where the rain pours, the temperature decends below zero, and the trees have blazing yellow, red, brown and orange colours. A bit somber, because you know that there's a cold winter waiting at your doorstep. I love to take a frisky walk in the woods, in this season - and my e cigarette is my loyal companion.

The nature is breathtaking in the autumn

It's first and foremost the playful colors, that lure me into the woods, which I would like for myself. Then I enjoy levitating on the muted, springy sheet of withered pineneedles. It's solacing to sit on a treestump with my e cigarette, and just inhale the muted soundscape of the forest. Just ponder about life's troubles, while I'm applying the electric alternative to the smokes, that have caused my health and well-being many troubles for years. 

Not even speaking of, what my bad habit has previously inflicted on my environments - clouds of tobacco smoke, my stinking breath and my reeking clothes. Yes, I'm almost ashamed. But of course I'm glad that it's in the past. Now I only smoke my e cigarette, which I, by the way, bought at It's a webshop that I can most definitely recommend, if you wish to quit your burden of smoking. You will find the webshop with the good offers for e cigaretts and appropriate accessories here:

From my treestump I have a view over the small lake, where we used to swim in the summer. Now I've gotten to old for that, but every once in a while, it's nice to take a trip down memory lane - while I'm quietly puffing my e cigarette.