NonSmokers.DK sells electronic cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. All these products are electronic alternatives to cigarettes, which don't contain the same dangerous chemicals as normal smoking products.

NonSmokers.DK also supplies batteries, spare parts, and other accessories to many of the e-smoking products on the market.

How does it work?
E-cigarettes, E-cigars, and E-pipes work by electronically vaporizing a liquid with flavouring and, optionally, nicotine. Heating up the liquid in the atomizer creates a vapor and releases flavour (and nicotine). No combustion takes place, and no pollutants are released into the air (tar and approximately 4,000 other chemicals are released by burning tobacco, including some which cause cancer). The vapor dissipates entirely into the air within seconds, leaving no residue or smell. 

Our electronic "smoking products" all consist of a rechargeable battery, an atomizer which is activated by an air pressure sensor (in battery or atomizer), a capsule/cartridge containing the liquid, usually integrated within the mouthpiece.

Which model should I choose?

The size and weight of the cigarette is an important factor for the enjoyment and whether you will use the product regularly. If you are used to hanging the cigarette from your lips, it can be hard to get used to one of the larger models as you will have to hold it by hand. In this case we recommend the Super Mini e-cigarette models 80XX, as they are light weight (only about 50% of a normal e-cigarette), give a good vapour, and also have a small diameter (7.2mm).
The amount of vapour - the visual experience - is also an important factor for most seasoned smokers. We have seen products that hardly produce any vapour. If your e-cigarette doesn't provide a satisfactory amount of vapour, you may need a new atomizer, or consider trying one of the products with a larger atomizer. As a first time user of an e-cigarette, e-cigar, or e-pipe, we recommend trying some different flavour capsules, if you have tried smoking a water pipe you will have an idea what we mean.

We do NOT recommend electronic "smoke" products with nicotine for non-smokers, as the nicotine can give the same nausea, side effects, and addiction as normal smoking. For this reason you must be 18 years of age to shop at NonSmokers.DK. If you are a non-smoker and would like to try the experience of an e-cigarette, we recommend that you try the nicotine free cartridges or liquids.

Most e-smokers  already know about the techincal terms like atomizers, e-liquid and cartridges/capsules. As an introducton to new users, and to avoid misunderstandings, we provide a short overview and explanation of the various terms, components and their functions.

Specially designed rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which provide the atomizer with electricity. The reason that special batteries are used is that lithium-ion batteries provide more current and higher capacity in a smaller package compared to standard batteries.  This battery technology is known from mobile telephones and laptops etc.

The batteries in our product typically last between 300-400 charge cycles, depending on usage pattern and charger used.

We recommend fully discharging/charigng the battery each cycle. For a new battery, we recommend charging for up to 8-12 hours before the first use, even if the charger reports "battery full" after a couple of hours. If you are not using the e-cigarette for a short period, you should unscrew the battery slightly so there is 2-3mm distance between the battery and atomizer. If you are not using the e-cigarette for a longer period, you should remove the battery completely.

In general, the larger the battery the longer you can "smoke" on a single charge. This means that the longer e-cigarettes generally have larger capacity.
The atomizer size affects the battery life as well. The atomizers in the smaller e-cigarettes consume less power while the larger ones, such as those found in the e-pipes and e-cigars, consume more and thus need a larger battery.
Some retailers sell e-cigarettes in kits with only a single battery. We do not recommend this, unless you intend to only use the product occasionally. If you wish to use the e-cigarette as a replacement for smoking, you should as a minimum have two batteries (and an extra atomizer is also a good idea), so you can charge one battery while using another.

An atomizer is the component that heats up the liquid and creates the vapor. When you drag on the e-cigarette, this is detected by a pressure sensor (usually embedded in the battery), and current is supplied to the atomizer, heating up the contents of the cartridge (e-liquid) and generating vapor containing the flavoring and/or nicotine.  This happens without any combustion and the vapor dissipates entirely into the air within seconds, leaving no residue or smell.  

The quality and size of the atomizer directly affects the amount of vapor produced, so if you have purchased a cigarette that provides bad quality "smoke" or has lost the ability to provide vapor entirely, replacing the atomizer may be sufficient.

Mouth pieces/capsules/cartridges/filters
The mouth piece, which is attached to the atomizer, usually contains the capsule with e-liquid. In some products the capsule is part of the mouth piece, in others it can be detached.
In most e-cigarettes, the mouth piece resembles the filter on a normal cigarette, others are shaped like a cigarette holder or like the mouth piece of a traditional pipe.
WARNING! Never keep nicotine containing capsules in the reach of children or animals, or store them with food stuffs. 

Always store capsules cold or cool to preserve the flavor, capsules that have been stored in a hot environment for a prolonged period may acquire a bad taste.

Mouth pieces and capsules come in many different designs, with different capacity and diameter. This affects your daily usage pattern, and you should consider your normal "smoking pattern" when deciding which type of product suits you.
Capsules come in a number of different flavors and nicotine strength. You should choose the strength based on your normal smoking habits; as a general rule if you smoke light cigarettes don't go for the high strength capsules and vice versa. We recommend trying a variety of capsules and finding out what works best for you.

E-liquid / E-juice

Concentrated liquid with flavoring and optionally nicotine. The liquid is supplied in small bottles from 10ml-50ml. You can use the liquid to refill used and/or empty cartridges. This can be a cheaper and more flexible option to buying pre-filled capsules.

When (re-)filling a cartridge, the amount of liquid depends depends on the capsule size and absorption. The filter should be moist throughout without being soaked. If you overfill the capsule, make sure to hold e-cigarette down for the first couple of minutes, otherwise you may get liquid in your mouth, giving a bad taste that can persist for a while.  Der skal afhængig af kapslens størrelse, og sugeevne, dryppes så filteret er fugtigt uden at være gennemblødt. Har du fået overfyldt kapslen, skal du ikke holde cigaretten opad før du har røget på den et par minutter, da du risikere at få væsken i munden, det smager grimt, og det kan give anledning til at e-rygning smager grimt langt tid efter.
OBS! Man bør IKKE eksperimenterer med egne væsker, eller tilsætningsstoffer til den færdigproducerede e-liquid fra forhandleren.

WARNING! Never keep e-liquid in the reach of children or animals, or store them with food stuffs. Our e-liquids are supplied with a child-resistant cap. Never ingest the e-liquid or allow contact with skin, as nicotine can be absorbed through the skin. Clean any spillage immediately. 

Always store e-liquid cold or cool to preserve the flavor, liquid that have been stored in a hot environment for a prolonged period may acquire a bad taste.