From time to time we - like everyone else - encounters errors and defective products.

We aim to provide excellent customer service by handling these as quickly and painlessly as possible.

For that reason we generally (at our discretion) ship replacements immediately, before receiving defective parts for RMA processing.

Procedure for RMA that you should follow to ensure a quick RMA turn around:

  1. Fault finding: Ascertain which component is defective.
    (If you have problems determining the defective part, please contact us by email or telephone and we will assist you)

  2. RMA request: Contact us preferrable via e-mail or phone (Contact Details)  with information about the defective component and your order number.
  3. Replacement: We ship the replacement component to you (you will typically receive a confirmation email when shipped from warehouse).
  4. Return: The defect component is returned to us - if requested.

Remember to always indciate your order number that your RMA relates to.

Please note that you are responsible for returning the defective component to us. At our discretion, we may require that the defective part is returned before a replacement is shipped.