D5 Plus E-Cigarette - Disposable

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The simulation of the e-cigarette wasn’t perfected until now.

Model: SK-D5PLUS
Weight: 0.025
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Hangsen is introducing the SIMPLE line of e-cigs that out performs other disposable e-cigs in the market.

The D5 plus is small in size with an equivalent shape and weight to a real cigarette. The taste is so close to the original tobacco cigarette, its hard to tell the difference. One D5 plus is close to one pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Contents of D5plus pack:
1 x Disposable D5plus* (D5+) e-cigarette

- Ready for use, disposable
- Improved S60 chip for great performance
- Soft mouthpiece – feel like a normal tobacco cigarette
- Signature LED light - Orange
- Battery Capacity: 90 mAh

*) D5plus has a build-in non-refillable cartomizer with Tobacco flavour (0mg) and a non-rechargeable 90mAh battery.