Super Mini E-Cigarette (DSE084) PCC Startkit

Model: SK-DSE084-PCC
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Complete PCC starterkit Super Mini (8084) m./240V Charger + Cartridges

Package Contents:

1 pcs. Electronic Cigarette Mini E-Cig (DSE8084) 118.8mm x 9.2mm
1 pcs. Users manual
1 pcs. Batteries/Lithium-ion
1 pcs. Cigaret Carrying Case (CCC) 110-240 Volts Charger with Built-In master battery.
1 pcs. USB to Mini-USB (For connecting cigaretpack to USB port on Computer og charger.
6 pcs. Atomized Cartridges without nicotine.

This model is also knowns as: 8084, KME8084, Super Mini, DSE084

Super Mini (DSE084) E-Cigarette Specifications:

Super Mini E-Cigarette  
Length (mm) 84
Diameter/mm 7.8
Weight (gr.) 8.6
Atomized Cartridges  
Content/Cartridge (gr.) 0.32
Puffs/Cartridge 100
Cigarettes/Cartridges 5-7
Capacity (mAh) 180
Volt (V) 2.8-4.2
Puffs/Charge 180
Charging (time) 2.5-3
Life of Battery  300