Super Mini eCig (8084) Starter Kit

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Super Mini (8084) E-Cigarette startkit w/220V Charger and Atomized Cartridges (84mm).
"Extra thin and authentic looking e-cig for e-smokers who want a the closest thing to a normal cigarette". 

Super Mini E-cigarette model 8084 is one of the most popular e-cigarettes, primarily because of the look, which is the exact same size as a normal cigarette, and the weight, secondary the super mini cigarette has a very easy airflow, almost same a normal cigarette. In every the closet thing to a normal cigarette.

Complete Startkit, with 220V Charger, Manual, Extra battery, packed with extra cartridges.

Package Contents:

1 pcs. Super Mini E-Cigarette (8084) 84mm x 7.8mm
1 pcs. Users Manual
2 pcs. Battery / Lithium-ion
1 pcs. 100-240V Charger
1 pcs. Powerline
6 pcs. Atomized Cartridges without nicotine.

This model is also known as:
SKE8084, 8084, KM8084, Micro, DSE8084, DSE084

DSE-084 (8084) Specifications

Super Mini E-Cigarette  
Length (mm) 84
Diameter/mm 7.8
Weight (gr.) 8.6
Atomized Cartridges  
Content/Cartridge (gr.) 0.32
Puffs/Cartridge 100
Cigarettes/Cartridges 5-7
Capacity (mAh) 180
Volt (V) 2.8-4.2
Puffs/Charge 180
Charging (time) 2.5-3
Life of Battery  300