USB Manual Passthru for Classic Mini-Cigarette (DSE901)


USB Passthru for Mini E-Cigarette (901/DSE901)

Model: PT-DSE901-M
Weight: 0.050
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USB manual passthru
(USB powersupply w/activation button) for DSE901 Classic E-cigaret model.

With the USB passthru cable you can connect your e-cigarette directly you USB port on you computer, thus giving you no need for charging or battery-changes.

The USB passthru is formed like a normal e-cigarette batteri, but has USB chord whcih is plugged directly into a USB port. The power is supplies directly from the USB porte, the USB passthru cannot be charged.

This USB passthru model is with manual activation. On the battery there a button which should be pressed on use. This can be used to produce a more and better concentration of vapor.