5-Pack Joyetech MG Ceramic Atomizer Heads - 0,5 Ohm

5-Pack Joyetech MG Ceramic Atomizer Heads - 0,5 Ohm

Model/varenr.: AT-MG_0.5
Vægt: 0.100
Lager: Kun få stk. tilbage

MG Ceramic 0.5ohm Head (40-80W)

5-Pak MG Keramisk 0,5ohm Atomizer Head

Joyetech MG Ceramic 0.5ohm Atomizer heads

These Applies the innovative Ceramic material with long-lasting lifespan brings you great pure flavor ever. Spiting and leakage can be avoided. It can be used under high temperature condition, providing large vapor production.

100% Pure Cotton
The MG Ceramic 0.5ohm head is made of pure cotton which brings a totally pure flavor for you.

Large e-Juice Inlet
With four prominent holes along the sides, it offers large e-juice inlet which can get the coil totally soaked with ease.

Large Airflow Inlet
Having the special square shape, large airflow can be easily achieved through the central airway.

Height: 11.0mm
Diameter: 17.5mm
Coil: Kanthal

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