AC9 Tank (3.5ml)

125,00 DKK
Model: AA-AC9-TANK
Weight: 0,05
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This is the tank for the AC9. This tank is made from a special PMMA (the same stuff used in bullet proof glass), and is slightly opaque giving a frosted glass look. 

*Please note: we have had reports that "Murdocks Radiator Pluid" E-juice will cause problems with this tank after about 20ml or two weeks of use in most cases. It does not cause cracking, just a build up of some sort. We are still studying the exact nature of the interaction but it appears as though the Pluid is dissolving the tank material somehow. As a result, we STRONGLY recommend discontinuing use of Pluid until it's makeup is better understood. If it is in fact dissolving the tank you DO NOT want to inhale it. Plastic solvents are very nasty and could cause severe long term damage to your lungs. If you choose to vape Pluid, we are not responsible for the results.* 

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