eGrip RBA Base - Kit

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eGrip RBA Atomizer w/Base

This complete eGrip RBA kit contains a rebuildable atomizer and atomizer base, preconfigured with coils and wick ready for use.

Joyetech has with this kit supplied a way for the advanced users to tweak the eGrip Mod performance furhter.

The pre-mounted coils, and extra coils in the kit, delivers a super amount of good tasty flavour and a nice throat hit even at low wattage settings.

Kittet contains:

1 pc. eGrip RBA Base
1 pc. eGrip RBA Atomizer w/preconfigured coil/wick.
2 pcs. eGrip coils (extra)
1 pcs. Filtermaterial for replacing worn wick material, or making new coils.

eGrip kit is delivered ready for use on your eGrip mod.

VideoGuide for eGrip RBA Base


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