LR Atomizer 801 - 1.5 ohm


 Low-Resistance atomizer for Penstyle 801 (DSE801) e-cigarettes

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Model: AT-801-LR
Weight: 0,005
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Low Resistance Atomizer (LR) for penstyle e-cigarette models: 801 (Penstyle) and 808 (Stick)

These atomizers has low resistance (1.5 ohms). Standard atomizer in the 801 /808 class is approx. 2.7-3.0 Ohms.

This atomizer will provide more heat and therefore also more vapor than standard atomizers. Since the atomizer is same design, except for the resistance modification, the atomizer will be slightly overloaded compared to a standard atomizer, it will drain more battery power and this way give the user shorter battery time.

Because of this extra heat production is it even more important to make sure the atomizer chamber is moist at all times, so the atomizer is able to deflect the heat through vapor production.

Please note that LR atomizers only comes with D.O.A warranty. Please make sure to let us know about defects within 24 hours after delivery if you have a defective atomizer.

We recommend this atomizer to experienced e-smokers, who pratice "dripping" or people who needs maximum vapor production.

Compatible with:
Penstyle 801, DSE808 (Nomad), J302 m. fl

Use only for 801 with passthru, 808 (Stick), or EGO/TREX/RIVA/KGO batteri with 801 adapter or e-cigarette models with 360mAh battery or above.


Dette er turbo udgaven af 801 atomizeren som er kendt for at bære smagen godt frem samt let kølig damp.. Denne giver lidt mere af alt det gode...

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