AGA-T RBA - Rebuildable Atomizer

By: UD

AGA-T RBA - Rebuildable Atomizer (Genesis Style) - Super Quality for the buck
Can be used with both mesh and traditional wicks.

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Super Vaping product for the experienced e-smoker - build/rebuild you own atomizer coil/wick.

This kit provides the users the option of choosing the resistance in the atomizer by winding their own atomizer coild. only the wick/mesh and coils need to be replace in this atomizer tank which also means it is cheaper in use.

This atomizer gives the user the abilitity to choose to make wick in both traditionel wick materiale but support also the use of mesh for wick material, which make it quite unique in its class.

Transparent tank can contain up to 3.2 ml liquid. Airhole is 1 mm. Wide giving a good puffing experience.
Atomizer is made from stainless steel and don't easily break. Good quality.

Kit is originally delivered without driptip.

The kit contains following components:
1 pc. AGA-T Atomizer with 3.2 ml tank
1 pc. Kanthal wire (for atomizer coil).
1 pc. Wick

Also included in the kit is the following spareparts:
2 pc. Silicone caps.
2 pc. Insulator
1 pc. Screw
1 pc. Knot
1 pc. O-ring

Dimensions: 60 (L) x 21 mm (D)

We recommend for use with ie. VMAX, ZMAX or other variable voltage batteries with 0.1V stepping.

NOTICE: Driptip Not Included !!


jeg har købt mange reb. atomizers på nettet, denne her er simpelthen kanon go. indsugnings hullet skal rives ca en 1/2 millimeter op, hvis hullet ikke er lige ud for meshen/vægen, blændes det og der bores et nyt hul ud for mesh/væge i den øverste rille, indsugnings hullet skal øges, sådan at når man suger, skal der ikke være for meget modstand. hvis du rammer rigtigt med luft modstanden, så har du en atomizer der gir en damp og en smag der slår næsten alle andre glycerin brændere. jeg bruger keramisk væge der kan tåle 1200 grader, jeg kan desværre ikke huske hvor jeg købte det. mvh phillip benneweis

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