Efest LUC V4 Universal Charger

Awesome Universal battery charger with 4-channel charging and LCD display with charging progress, voltagemeter, etc. Works with all traditional and newest e-cigarette ICR/IMR/BCR pen-batteries 3.7V from 10340 to 26650.

299,00 DKK
Model: BC-LUC-V4
Weight: 0,6
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This charger enabled you to charger 4 pcs. og 3.7V pen-batteries at one time. Alle major batteries type is support from the smallest 10340 to the latest 26550 ICR/IMR batteries.

LUC V4 also have a USB output on the backside, which allows you to connect your preffered e-cigarette USB charger
directly into the backside of the LUC V4.

The charger has 4 channels, for each channel there are several indicators for the battery status, like charger progress, currently voltage - all indicators and stats are shown with a nice LCD display.

A fine electronic marvel for the e-cigarette fans who's fed up with having charging placed in outlets all over the house - the Efest LUC V4 Universal Charger is the answer.

LUC V4 Universal Charger kit also contains 240V and Car-Adapter, so you can plug it in to you light outlet in the car.

LUC V4 has a button for adjusting the amperes for which the charging output is distributed on the channel, charger can be set to 0.5 A, 1 A eller 2 A. We recommend having a brief look at the folder included to get best charging options for charging you batteri type. For instance is would be more efficient to charging 2 x 25500 or 26650 batteries at the 2A setting.

The Efest LUC V4 KIT Contains:

1 pc. LUC V4 Universal Charger
1 pc. 240V Powersupply
1 pc. Car PowerSupply with Cable (12V for the car).
1 pc. User Manual (UK)
1 pc. iPhone 3/4 USB chargercable.

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