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E-Cigarette clearomizers is i basically a tank with store the liquid smokejuice and atomizer (heating element)  combined in one, the successor for cartomizers.
Some clearomizers has a built-in atomizer, some have replaceables atomizers or atomizer heads. Common for clearomizers are that they are transparent and the e-liquid is normally fluid inside the tank.

Model: CMT-618PLUS
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1.5ml Atomizer Tank for 618plus ePibe Model (2017)

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Model: CM-K3
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Nice little  MTL atomizer from Aspire.

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General info - Clearomizers

As a product clearomizes are seen as consumable products. Consumables is worn when used and is not refundable.
Most clearomizers - dependant on type and model can have a long lifespans if threated correctly. Clearomizers need to be refilled before e-liquid is out - and kept from running dry. The atomizer coils, heads or wicks inside the Clearomizer couldl overheat the atomizer so it gets "burned" taste - this will also lower the performance significally.