E-Pipe (618) Spare Pibe

This electronic cartomizer pipe uses the well-known cartomizer-tank system as used for DCT cartomizers. Which provides extra long vaping before refilling is nessecary.

Model: SP-618
Weight: 0,2
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Cartomizer/tanks i this starter kit are empty, it is nessecary to fill the tanks/cartomizers with eliquid before use.

Ideal alternative to traditionel pipe-smoking.

This electronic pipe uses cartomizers which is feed liquid with help of the a 3.5+ml tank tube mounted around the cartomizer. The tank makes sure the cartomizer is always moist.

The 618 electronic pipe uses a special 510 XXL Cartomizer with skirt and cannot use the normalt dse601-c / e601 cartomizer, which is slightly smaller.

When changing cartomizer, the coils which produces the vapor is also replaced, since the atomizer coil is in the cartomizer.

The cartomizer-tank system is known from the traditionel DCT clearomizer/cartomizer system.

E-Pibe DSE618 Videoreviews is not ready yet - still testing.

Good realistic smoking sensation.

Except from the transparetn glass tank between the mouthpieces and the pibehead, the pibe look like the previous atomizer pibe (601) and the cartomizer pibe 601-C and E601 models.

Package contents:

2 stk. E-pibe m./mundstykke
2 stk. Batterier (900mAh, ICR 18350)
1 stk. 240V Oplader m./multi-stik + EU konnektor.
1 stk. Brugervejledning (UK)
2 stk. Cartomizers (XXL 510) m./3ml Glas tank

E-pibe mål 153,5 * 56,5 * 41,5mm
Cartomizer/Tank ----
Batterikapacitet 900 mAH
Fuldt opladet batteri holder: ca. 1000-1300 sug
Batteriholdbarhed ( opladninger & afladninger (cycle) ) ca. 300 gange
Arbejdsspænding 1 A
Batteri opladningstid 2-3 timer
E-liquid / Cartomizer+Tank 3,5 ml
Cigarette per Cartomizer : ----  stk.
Arbejdstemperatur -20 to 60 grader
E-Pibe vægt 110 gr.
Starter kit Vægt 455 gr.
Standard arbejds-strømstyrke: 3.3 - 4.2V
E pipe Materiale/Color Træ

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