E-Pipe (618plus) Starter Kit - New!

618+ / 618plus e-pipe model is the successor for the traditional classic and very popular 618 model. Notice! new model with top button.

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618+ / 618plus e-pipe model is the successor for the traditional classic and very popular 618 model

This model features amongst other things replaceable atomizer heads and the old cartomizer technology is not used anymore. E-liquid is now feeded directly to the atomizer coil.
618+ Features and changes:

- Smaller tank (1,5ml), which gives the overall impression of the pipe more realistic, since the tank i less visible and neatly integration.
- Better securing of parts/accessories, mouthpiece, tank and pibe is secured with theread adapters.
- Atomizer heads is mounted into the tank and is feeded with e-liquid directly.
- Atomizer resistance is lowered, providing more and better vapor.
- 618+ (New Version) is operated by a built-in microswitch button placed in the top (cover) of the pipehead itself
- Micro USB port in the bottom base of the e-pipe head for charging built-in batteries.

Notice! You should charge at least 3,5 hours before first use.

618+ Starter kit contains:

1 x 618+ E-pipe with built-in battery (rechargable)
1 x 618+ E-pipe tank (1,5 ml capacity)
1 x 618+ E-pipe Mouthpiece
2 x 618+ E-pipe Atomizer Heads (1.2 ohms)
1 x USB til Micro USB kabel
1 x 240V Adapter m. USB-port
1 x UK Manual


Har givet mig selv denne smukke pibe og den får helt klart min anbefaling. Herlig at ryge på og nem at finde ud af at bruge. Forkæl dig selv eller en du holder af med denne. Det vil ikke lå fejl


Bedste gave jeg har givet mig selv i lang tid.


Den smager af lort i starten.... men ellers god! // Tak for anmeldelsen :) ... "Husk at prime/dryppe et par dråber væske brænderen nå der tages en frisk i brug" / NonSmokers.DK

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