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Temp.: 80 - 446 ° (Fahrenheit) - Ready for use in 25s (heating time)
Good all around vaporizer with replaceable heating chamber for both  dry herbs and wax

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Model: SK-IP6WAX
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New IP6 Wax Vaporizer fra Dry Herb Experts LV SMOKE med 7 sekunders opvarminingstid.

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Model: SK-H10
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LVSmoke H10 CBD Vaporizer Kit with built-in 650mAh rechargeable battery
** Not to be used with oilbased CBD liquids **

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Model: CM-H10
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H10 Tank Atomizer with 0.8 ml capacity for LVSmoke H10 CBD Oil Vaporizer

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LVSMOKE FLASH - Cheramic heating chamber 

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LVSmoke was founded in 2010,which owes professional team leading electronic cigarette technology. We pursuits customers’ Service is the queen as well as customers’experience is the king. We treat seriously to each product as an original powerful electronic cigarette brand. LVSmoke is also a proud founding memeber of AEMSA - The first and only Manufacturers' trade association completely dedicated to creating responsible and sustainable standards for the safe manufacturing of "Dry herb" used in electronic cigarettes. By leveraging our experience and expertise in the screen touch design and manufature, we provide opportunities to enjoy special sense and indelible favours. We are committed to creating unique value for vaporer, enterprise and consumers by providing competitive e-cigarette solutions and services. Our products and service have been deployed more than 200 countries with high reputation. LVSmoke teams are ready to built the brighter future because we have enough confidence and strong eager to expect more dealers to join LVSmoke global plan.