Penstyle 801-C Dual Starter kit (M)

Classic Penstyle e-Cigarette Starterkit with 2 manual batteries, 5 Cartomizers, Charger and 240V adapter.

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Model: XX-918-V1
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Penstyle 801 (Cartomizer) Starter Kit

This is the classic 801 penstyle e-cigarette model, but instead of the classic atomized cartridges / atomizer and filter system, we have bundle the e-cigarette with cartomizers (atomizer and cartridge in one replaceable).

The 801 Cartomizer kit contents:
2 pcs. 801 batteries (Manual w/fire-button)
5 pcs. 801 cartomizers
1 pcs. USB Charger Adapter
1 pcs. 240V Wall Adapter
1 pcs. EGO Zipper Case (Medium)

Please notice!
The cartridges included in the kit is empty, we recommend buying e-liquid.
The 801 battteries in this kit has a fire-button like the ego-batteriers.

Filling/Re-filling Cartomizers
See this video for refilling cartomizers

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