Groove er udført i solidt sort metal-chrome og VV/VW funktioner.
Indbygget batteri: 3800 mAH

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Nyeste version af Smoktech's Groove i sort metal-casing er den ultimative batterimod med 3800 mAh. Groove batterilevertid svarer til ca. 6 X 650mah batterier).

Udover Variable Voltage, tilbyder Groove også variable Wattage justering.

Haves kun i sort metal-krom.

Groove Mod - Diagram

1. 510 Connection (some ego devices will work)
2. Function Button: To turn on or off the device, press five times in succession. Press and hold to activate atomizer.
3. (+) Button: Press to increase voltage or wattage. Press and hold to display resistance of atomizer.
4. (-) Button: Press to lower voltage or wattage. Press and hold to display remaining battery power.
5. OLED Display
6. Micro USB Connection: Used for charging. 

Groove Mods - Product Notes:

- Pressing and holding (+) and (-) together for 3 seconds will change between variable voltage and variable wattage.
- Maximum charging current is 1000 mAh
- Minimum of 1 Ω atomizer and maximum of 5 Ω
- Current is less than 3.2 A under 3 Ω resistance, highest working current is 5 A
- To force reset: Press and hold (-) button and function button for 10 seconds, software version will show
- If ‘Short!’ appears on the display, atomizer is shorted. Remove faulty atomizer and plug in Groove as if it were charging to unlock device

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