KGO E-Cigarette Starter - Dual Kit

The EGO (KGO) startekit provides with its classic 510 cartridge/atomizer an very good flavour. Bundled with the 2 pcs. 1100mAh batteries it will give the user many hours of vaping before recharge.

Model: SK-KGO-1100
Weight: 0.350
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Are you looking for at good vaporizer in the 510 class with extra long battery lifetime (1100 mAh) you should pick this model. KGO is an improved version of the orginial 510 compatible eGO model. KGOis compatible with 510-batteries, 510/901/905 cartrides and USB adapter Charger.

Basic difference between T-REX, EGO and KGO/RIVA-models is the LED and activation button which on the KGO (RIVA) model is made of soft silicone rubber.

KGO Starter Kit Contents:

  • 2 pcs. Batteries (1100mAH - Li-On)
  • 2 pcs. Atomizer (Standard 510 Atomizers).
  • 1 pcs. Cone (Cone formed pipe for hiding and strengthening atomizer mounting on the battery)
  • 1 pcs. User Manual (We recommend you also take a look at our video manual)
  • 1 pcs. 240V Charger w./USB adapter. (For use both Wall-mounting and USB connections).
  • 6 pcs. Atomized Cartridges, Round w/Tobacco (0mg)

The KGO model is 100% compatible with these models: T-REX, TORNADO, RIVA, EGO and many other 510 based ecigs.



Fuldt hus på dette Kit hold da op med damp denne fætter giver fra sig :-) Kan helt klart anbefales


Endnu en ecig i 510 kegle form. Denne skiller sig en anelse ud fra de andre med samme udseende. KGOen giver lidt højere volt fra sig, frisk opladt, i forhold til lign. modeller (4,0 volt) Atomizere er en anelse lavere i ohm modstand end standard 510 atomizeren. Disse 2 faktore er med til at gøre at KGOen levere et rigtig godt spark. Hvis man opholder sig længere til væk fra hjemmet anbefaler jeg at man tilkøber 510 cartomizere da man med disse oplever længere mellem genopfyldninger.

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