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Demo Goods or residual products category includes everything from e-cigarette starter kits and electronic pipes, e-liquid, rebuildable atomizers and clearomizers, cartridges and e-liquids. All items are sold as demo products. The products are fully functional and has not been used - or opened. The products are sold at bargain prices because we need to clear up. Typically this is because the product is either discontinued completely the fixed range of products or been replaced by newer or improved models.
Because we have no guarantee from the manufacturer, the product is sold at or below cost, and provides only limited warranty * on these demo products (see details at the bottom of the page).

Model: EL-APP
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E-liquid Apple - Fresh flavour
- Now available in both 10ml and 30ml

Quantity discount on this product - save up to 13 %

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29,00 DKK
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Innokins iTaste VTR. VV/VW battery mod (VW) - rectangular box mod.
Can do sub-ohm på coils/atomizers, iflg. producenten ned til 0,5 ohm

*** EOL ***
+45 38761145

Availability: Low stock
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Latest CL-Ti atomizer heads for Joyetech mods with VT support

*** EOL ***
+45 38761145

Availability: Out of stock

*) DEMOVARE/RESTVARE - Sælges m/Begrænset Garanti:
Komponentgaranti: Batterier (3 mdr), Opladere (3 mdr), Atomizere (48 timer). Hvis noget skulle være defekt ved modtagelsen (DOA) ombyttes dette selvfølgelig med det samme.