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Rebuildable Atomizers comes in many forms, version and subversions. Here you will find Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) in standard genesis style, the more traditional Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA), Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA) and optional RBA replacement components for the more established of-the-shelf brands.

Several of the RBA supports both mesh and traditional silica and cotton wicks and some RBA models supports up to Quad Coil setups for maximum vapor, flavour and throathit.

If you feel like taking the e-cigarette success to a more advanced level and if you have the courage going deeper into getting the right thinkness, taste and heating balance to vaping experience - you should try a rebuildable atomizers. When doing your own atomizer coils, wicks etc. you will need a battery mod which supports variable voltage or wattage to ensure the right adjustment options for your atomizer coils resistance. This way you can find the exact formular for a perfect vaping experience.

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General information on Rebuildable Atomizers

Manufactures of RBA clones/replicas normally cleans up their RBA after producing and before packaging their product, but we have seen some products where cleaning wasnt sufficient enough, so in general we always recommend an initial cleaning, especially the RBA clones, thouroughly with hotwater before first use, since tiny remains of cutting oil, can be left in fittings and small cracks - this can affect the flavour significally.

We also recommend - in order to achieve the best resultat and if you're a experienced RBA user - to make a new coil-setup, since some RBA is delivered with prefrabricated coils, which is not always fine-tuned for optimal performance.

Since Rebuildable Atomizers are "Do-It-Yourself" product, we do not support the use og the making of coils and wicks.

Customers who wants to get started with RBA - that is RTA/RDA - in any form should consult the internet or experienced friends before shopping, in order to get the nessesary information to how the work, limitations, general dos and especially dont's, and very important electrical parameters on the equipment which is connected to the rebuildable atomizer.