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AGA-T+ RBA is a super rebuildable tank atomizer in its price class! Big tank, very nice design, large tank capacity, enable user to use both silcone/mesh wick. Spareparts and mesh, wire etc. included.

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Model: AT-AGA-T-RBA+
Weight: 0.100
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This AGA-T+ model is latest - improved model:
- Air Hole can easily be adjusted to fit the mesh location.
- Top Cap is not threaded, but just presse on - o-rings ensure perfect fit.
- Better looking, the knurled fingerscrew locations are removed.
- Al parts are Stainless Steel 

Super Vaping product for the experienced e-smoker - build/rebuild you own atomizer coil/wick.

This kit provides the users the option of choosing the resistance in the atomizer by winding their own atomizer coild. only the wick/mesh and coils need to be replace in this atomizer tank which also means it is cheaper in use.

This atomizer gives the user the abilitity to choose to make wick in both traditionel wick materiale but support also the use of mesh for wick material, which make it quite unique in its price class.

Transparent Polycarbonate (PC) tank can contain up to 3.2 ml liquid. Airhole is 1 mm wide giving a good puffing experience.
Atomizer is made from stainless steel and don't easily break. Good quality.

The kit contains following components:
1 pc. AGA-T Atomizer with 3.2 ml tank
1 pc. Kanthal wire (for atomizer coil).
1 pc. Mesh sheet for doing wick.

Also included in the kit is the following spareparts:
2 pc. Silicone caps.
2 pc. Insulator
1 pc. Screw
1 pc. Knot
1 pc. O-ring

Dimensions: 60 (L) x 21 mm (D)

We recommend for use with ie. VMAX, ZMAX or other variable voltage batteries with 0.1V stepping.

This kit contains no driptip, see driptip category to see our selection.

AGA-T plus Rebuildable Atomizer
Color: Stainless
Atomizer Material: Stainless steel + PC
Size: 60mm
Atomizer Weight: 100g
Liquid Capacity: 3.2ml
Full liquid can supply: 600-800puffs
Battery voltage: 3.7-6V
Resistance: Can be adjusted
Connection: 510
Thread fitting: 510/EGO-T/UDS/EGO-W/UDT-V5/UDT-V6/UDT battery
Packaging Details:
Neutral packing: color box.

The advantages of the AGA-T plus Atomizer:

1. Changeable heating coils and wicks and ss meshmake bigger vapor and better taste.
2. Pure mechanical style and no welding make longer lifespan


Excellent product, better design and quality than expected... came for two days in Croatia, all compliments.

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