510-T Mini E-Cig Starter - Dual Kit

This e-cigarette a traditional 510 ecig just with a new Tank System (510T).

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Model: SK-510T
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Mini E-cigarette

Length (mm) 112
Diameter (mm) 9.2
Weight (gr.) 15
Content/Cartidge (gr.) 0.6
Puffs/Cartridge 150-200
Cigarettes/Cartridge 15
Auto. Capacity (mAh)
Man. Capacity (mAh)
Volt (V) 3.3-4.2
Puffs/Charge 150-200
Charging (time) 2-2½
Life of battery (Charges) 300


510 Starter Kit with new TANK system (510T)

The 510 model is know for is good vapor production, this is the successor with Tank System.

This 510-T model is delivered with pierced atomizers (tank atomizers), which mean a new atomizer-cartridges concept where the liquid is filled directly into a tank-container and is feeded directly into the atomizers heating chamber with no use of foam.
The Tank system produces a remarkably good and stable vapor, until its empty.

With the tank system you get a slightly better vape-time because of the lack of foam can contain more liquid than the traditional 510 atomizers/cartridges.

Starter Kit Contents:

1 pcs. Mini eCig TANK Atomizer (510T)
2 pcs. Mini eCig 510 Batteries (Automatic)
1 pcs. 110-220 Volts Powersupply w./USB 
1 pcs. USB Charger cable
5 pcs. Tobacco TANK Cartridges without nicotine.
1 pcs. User Manual.


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