eGo-T Tester Kit + 5x 10ml E-liquid

Complete eGo-T e-cigarette test starterkit w/1 ego-t cigaret and battery, 5 x 10 ml assorted e-liquid, catridges, transport case with zipper, 240V wall-adapter and USB charger Cable.

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Complete eGo-T test kit w/5 pcs. assortered e-liquids (e-juice).

This package is made to ensure that the price tag isn't the issue for trying out electronics cigarettes, and maybe get a better and smoke free life.

The eGo-T E-cigarette test startkit contains all nessecary accessories to get started and we have added 5 assorted e-liquid bottles 5 x 10ml and the same amount of cartridiges, so you can try out different flavours.

Package Contents:

1 pcs. EGO-T atomizer (Type A)
1 pcs. EGO/EGO-T battery (900mAh)
5 pcs. EGO-T/EGO-C Catridges (Type A)
1 pcs. 240V Adapter
1 pcs. USB Charger Cable
1 pcs. E-cigarette transportable zipper-case
5 pcs. 10 ml E-liquid - Assorted Liquids.

Color: White w/NonSmokers.DK Logo


The included EGO-T battery can be locked / unlocked with 5 fast clicks (within 2 secs.) on the button, to ensure not fired during transport.

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