Mini E-Cigarette (DSE101) Startkit


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Model: SK-DSE101
Weight: 0,25
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DSE-101 Mini E-Cig Complete Starterkit w/240V Charger and cartridges.

This model is not in stock, but can be ordered - ETA from order to delivery approx. 10-14 days.

All spareparts and accessories are in stock !!

Recommended replacement:

DSE-108, DSE-103 og the Classic 4081 Mini E-cigarette with uses same battery, threading, lifetime, bigger cartridges (content), same or even better vapor

Packages contents:

1 pc. Electronic Mini-Cigarette / Mini E-Cig (DSE101) 103mm x 9.2mm
2 pcs. Batteries/Lithium-ion.
1 pc. 110-240 Volts Charger.
1 pc. Powerline
6 pcs. Atomized Cartridges without nicotine.

This model is also known as: MINI-IIa

DSE-101 (101) E-Cigarette Specification

Length (mm) 102.5
Diameter (mm) 9.2
Weight (gr.) 14.5
Content/cartridge (gr.) 0.32
Puffs/Cartridge 80
Cigarettes/cartridges 5-7
Capacity (mAh) 180
Volt (V) 3.3-4.2
Puffs/Charge 180
Charging (time) 2-2½
Life of battery (Charges) 300

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