Mini E-Cigarette M401C - Dual Starter Kit

M401C Mini E-cigarette (Startkit m./Cartomizere)

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Model: SK-M401C
Weight: 0,275
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Mini E-Cigarette M401C - m./2 stk. batterier and Cartomizers.

M401-C Kit Contains:

5 pcs. Cartomizers (Combined Atomizer-and Cartridge)
2 pcs. M401 batteries
1 pcs. 240V Wall Charger

OBS! Cartomizers is empty and should be filled with e-liquid before use.

Denne cigaret model er kompatibel med:
M401, M402, Pilot, Skandi, Superbest, A1/A2 MOORE, MP401, MP402, RPS-401, RPS-402, PartySmoker, SmartCig YouNic

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