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This category contains all of our listed vaporizer accessories. This is everything from consumables heating chambers, cleansing tools, mouthpieces, replacement parts and spare parts for Vaporizers

Not all low-stock items is listed, so If you're looking for parts not listed here, please fill free to contact us pr. mail and we will check if the item(s) you're looking should be in physical warehouse

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Model: AT-VHIT-A
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vHit atomizer is an improved version of the original ego-w pure atomizer for wax and thick oil usage.
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Replaceable atomizer for Atmos Jr. vaporizer

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Replaceable atomizer for Micro G Atomizer

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Atomizer for the popular Snoop Dogg Vaporizer w/o metal cover

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Model: CM-H10
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H10 Tank Atomizer with 0.8 ml capacity for LVSmoke H10 CBD Oil Vaporizer

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Vaporizers with built-in heating chamber typically has a lifespan of 180 days, of course dependent upon usage pattern and how its used.

Many newer models has replaceable heating chambers / ceramic cups and atomizer coil heads - and replacing these parts when worn will normally prolonge the lifetime of the equipment.

Most vaporizer models ovens should be cleaned properbly after each use in order to obtain the pure flavour, precision in regards to temperatur contol and ofcourse the general performance.