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Notice! To avoid misunderstanding or wrong purchasing, please be aware that vaporizers and e-cigarettes are not the same.

Vaporizers works like a small oven, where the selected substance you put inside the vaporizers chamber will be heated up to a certains temperature. The heating will released the active ingredients of the substance as vapor (not smoke). The technology allows releasing ie. nicotine from tobacco, herbs, wax substances, and oils without combustion and the users inhales waste products ie. tar.

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New IP6 Wax Vaporizer fra Dry Herb Experts LV SMOKE med 7 sekunders opvarminingstid.

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Model: SK-TITAN2
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Vaporizer for us with dried herbs and wax-like substances. Built-in 2200mAh rechargeable batteri and double heat circulation system ensures an effecient release of active ingredients.

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Vaporizer til brug med tørrede urter og vokslignende substanser. Indbygget batteri, og cirkulationskanal i opvarmingssystem, giver en effektiv frigørelse af aktive stoffer.

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Model: SK-VS7
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Luxury VS7 Vaporizer - Cheramic chamber for Dry herbs.
Fast heating, variable 5-step temperature control and easy of use.

By: VS
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Atmos Junior Rx Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer Pen

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Model: SK-VS3-1300
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Ergonomisk Design, højtydende, god og ren smag, hurtigst opvarmning og nemt at bruge.

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Temp.: 250-447 gr. (Fahrenheit) - klar til brug på kun 25 sekunder.
Effecient Vaporizer with replaceable heating chamber til dry herbs LED display from LV Smoke.

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Model: SK-H10
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LVSmoke H10 CBD Oil Vaporizer Kit with built-in 650mAh rechargeable battery

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Model: SK-JURA-S1
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Best handheld "Dry Herb" Vaporizer avilable with watercooling and filtering.

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General information - Vaporizer

Vaporizers has been on the market much longer than e-cigarettes and was originally designed to extract the active ingredients from tobacco and tobbaco like products without an actual combustion took place. Vaporizer worked by heating the products to a certain temperature without burning and producing smoke and tar. Previously Vaporizers was big, heavy, expensive and har to purchase, only few suppliers, but thanks to latest battery technology and electronic controllers this is no longer the case. The last few years Vaporizers has never been more popular.

Notice that different Vaporizer models support only some substances and will only work properbly with these, some support tobacco and herbs, some support all types, and has optional chamber add-ons to support several substances.