Jurassic S1 Vaporizer - Dry Herb

Best handheld "Dry Herb" Vaporizer avilable with watercooling and filtering.

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LV Smoke Jurassic S1 - Dry Herb vaporizer

The Jurassic S1 vaporizer offers water-cooling and water-filtering features as one of the only hand-held Dry Herbs vaporizer on the market.

Package includes:
1 x Jurassic S1 Aluminum Battery Housing (Lightweight)
1 x Jurassic S1 Watertank w. chamber for dry herbs
1 x Jurassic S1 Cleaning brush
1 x Jurassic S1 Packing tool
1 x Jurassic S1 Silica Gel Rings
1 x Jurassic S1 Manual

Please Notice!
No battery included ! Use high quality 18650

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